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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What music selections do you have?
    Large Selection of Music (MP3's Spotify)
  • Will the DJ also act as the Master of Ceremonies?
    Yes. Our Disc Jockeys are all trained in aspects of Master of Ceremonies and will coordinate events.
  • What are your rates/time periods?
    Time periods are all 4 hours in length. Anything over is in increments of 15 minutes/Overtime.
  • Do you bring any give away items?
    The DJ and MC have their own props. If Giveaways are needed that would be an extra charge. Please see the Giveaways Price List.
  • What music will be played at my event?
    The music and any formalities are discussed with you before hand on a Finalization Sheet. Usually 2 weeks prior to your event with us. These are done over the telephone.
  • What if I request music currently not in inventory?
    We Download or use Spotify.
  • How will the staff be dressed for my event?
    The attire of our performers will suit your theme. Suit and Tie.
  • Will the DJ arrive on time?
    Yes, one hour before the event is scheduled to start. This is setup time which is no charge to you.
  • How will the DJ know the order of events?
    A "Quick List" is sent out with each performer which is a typed, condensed "Finalization" list.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you cancel within 60 days of your event date the initial payment is forfeited. (But, in consideration you may use this towards another event in the future) Cancellations more than 60 days are refunded in full except for the administration fee.
  • How much do I put down as an initial payment?
    Half of the full amount is due as an initial payment. The Balance is due 7 days prior to the event.
  • Do you bring lights, dancers, etc?"
    That depends on which package you choose. Our basic package comes with two fun party lights. Extra lights, or an intelligent light show with technician, would be an additional cost. With the basic package, dancers are an extra cost as well. Please ask to see our price lists for these types of items or activities.
  • How much do I pay the performer in a gratuity?
    If you wish to give a gratuity, which is not expected, you may give as much as you want. We've received all different amounts from $20 to $200. It averages around $50
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