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(This is just a small selection from our extensive list)


Balloon Waddle:

  • People in pairs standing opposite each other standing equidistant apart. One person in the pair blows up balloon. That person places the balloon in between their knees and waddles over to the other player. Then, in turn, that player puts the balloon between their knees and waddles back. The winners are the first people back to the finish line who burst their balloon by sitting on it.


  • The old standard game of one line of people, maybe 2, depending on how many participants having one person as the leader. Each person goes under the bar and when the leader returns the bar is lowered.

Champagne Relay:

  • Teams of 3 or more picking a captain to stand opposite the line of teammates. Water buckets stand between the team members and team captain. The captain is holding a champagne bottle. Each team is given one small cup that a team member, one at a time, fills the cup, races to the captain to fill the bottle. The winner is the team that fills up the bottle first.

Water Balloon Toss:

  • The standard throwing of a water balloon between a pair of participants. The winner being the one who keeps the unbroken water balloon at several increasing distances.

Egg Toss:

  • Same as a water balloon toss but with eggs.

Lingerie Relay:

  • Participants must get in male/female pairs. Each pair is handed a purse with various items of lingerie inside. The female helps the male dress with the provided lingerie over his clothing. The male then parades across the playing field while dressed one at a time. The prize goes to the most enthusiastic and eloquent player.

Shoe Scrambler:

  • Game for any age, all players discard both shoes in one large pile at one end of the game field. Players must turn away while the director "scrambles" the shoes to make them difficult to find. On the word "Go", players run to the pile, find their shoes, put them on and completely tie them and race for the finish line. The first one back is the winner.

Animal Noises:

  • A game for kids 5 and under. All the children line up shoulders to shoulder at the starting line and each think of a favorite animal. While hopping on one foot to the finish line, they must make the sound that their favorite animal does. All of the players receive bubbles for finishing.

Sack Race:

  • A single player race. All players line up at the starting line and are each handed a burlap sack. Each player must hop in his or her sack, and on the word go, hop across the field in their sacks to the finish line. Whoever makes it first is declared the winner.

3-Legged Race:

  • Participants start at the starting line in pairs of 2. Each pair is handed a burlap sack that they each place a leg into. Thus giving the illusion of 3 legs. On the word go, players must run across the field as best they can using their third leg. The first pair to the finish line wins.

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