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Other Charges that May Occur

  • Inconvenient Setup:  This covers quite a large area; but is mainly due to a special location.  For instance the event may be held at a private house where the equipment would have to be carried quite a distance from the vehicle to the set up area due to the ground being of uneven nature. Or, at exotic locations such as The Queen Mary liner in Long Beach, Universal Studios, Funzone Boat Company, etc. All of which have unusual set ups. This will incur a charge for this inconvenience

  • Extra Equipment: The reasoning on this would be for circumstances such as the officiate needed an extra microphone for the ceremony, or the location was so spread out that extra speakers may be needed. A microphone stand was needed for the toast, or even extra speaker cable for those satellite speakers. If you have any thoughts or questions please call one of our professional technicians at our office location.

  • Stairs and Steps:  Questions arise from time to time over the set up of our equipment being on a first or second floor, or even in a basement where there is no elevator access. This would need an extra person to help carry equipment up and down a set of stairs. Not to be confused with steps, one or two steps in a maximum of only inches in height would not incur extra charges if the ground was even.

  • Waiting Time:  Always a hard circumstance to explain but this would occur for instance on a boat event where the coordinators need the performers to be set up to 2 hours before the start of the party.This would be beyond our control, as we usually set up one hour before so our wait charge on this would be of a rate for one hour.

  • Another circumstance would be where the client, for whatever reason, would need us set up earlier than our set up time.

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